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Car brands information can be found on car brand vehicle, back in a true automotive history automotive major design changes of the last century technology on based divided into age begins. Border precise chronological order can not be calculated, but as a veteran car, brass, antique classic pre-war and post-war and contemporary vehicle segments.

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Automotive Welcome Information on the car of your sources like american cars brands or british cars brands or german car overview or cars from italy and japan. Interesting information about the history of our car, such as British cars, European cars, and many more car manufacturers. We are the most expensive cars.


Car brand sector

Sector, it is necessary technical and industrial properties mainly by developed countries work with many other sectors of the automotive industry has the potential to exist, then in France, such as the United Kingdom, Germany This is particularly true in the past century, and in the eighties onwards, shows some interesting dynamics in the development of the variance. In million vehicles in million vehicles, a car factory to produce the so-called Golden Age of industrial production of million vehicles in has increased by almost.

The japan car brands

Japan is very much to fuel the economic production of high-quality small car brand in after the oil crisis in the automotive sector, there are special development. Soon, the world’s largest carmaker, holding to the Chinese leader took the title in has turned his car brands of the United States of Automotive industry all over the world to manage their plants are six large car brand. More than the number of Toyota passenger car is the largest car brands four-car brand has to suffer huge losses will be loss of billion euros. Complete loss of this car brand name, according to the world’s media, the use of the European car market this year will be the lowest in the last two years, will be the second consecutive year. Capacity of million cars on the car market in Western Europe will fall to It is possible that this year, economic crisis, particularly in Italy continued for a long time in the country so as to fix the situation, and increase in the sale of vehicles, according to many experts.

The four car brands

Although loss of these four car brands and car industry back on track is a different car brands sold approximately million cars are expected to be the best year since All car brands, Toyota’s success, the full list of car brands among Japanese car brand secured the first place in vehiclesin sold around 8 million. Volkswagen has sold million vehicles, about a third to vehicles General Motors is the second car brand. In because of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, and one car brand is more than a year since the list was the third largest automobile brand.

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